Central Divers has designed a specialized patten pending tool for cutting through any sewer liner. Sewer liners are very difficult to cut and can be extremely hazardous to humans inside the pipe. Other times a person just cannot fit inside the pipe to cut it. We have the solution for you. Contact us today for our team to remove a defective section of liner for you, or we can provide oversight or simply rental and sales of the necessary equipment. 

When the sensors go off and its to dangerous to have people inside of a sewer liner call Central Divers! Using our specialized equipment including Surface Supplied Air, Vulcanized Rubber Dry Suits, and other protective gear, we go to work when others cannot.


Central Divers L.L.C. is the only company capable of cutting sewer liners, without a human being, when the install goes wrong. We understand how expensive and dangerous removing a sewer liner that cures improperly can be. That is why we invented a method to cut the liner without a human being in the pipe. Not only can we cut it, we can remove liners safer and for much less than other companies. Central Divers has removed liners of all diameters, lengths, in the most adverse conditions.

The first step is to contact us by phone at 1-800-239-9380. We will discuss the conditions and environment details to best give you a cost estimate. From there we can arrange a site visit and a fixed price. No matter the size, dimensions, and obstructions we will remove failed liners faster and more efficiently than any other company.