Central Divers L.L.C. is a company built on 1st with a "can do" attitude.  Every job is unique and requires unique preparedness. At Central Divers L.L.C. we have the experience to respond immediately. The resources to develop specific techniques and materials to save you time, money, and last. We will find a way to complete your job, while keeping it on time and in budget.


Our underwater specialist are prepared to dive year round no matter the conditions or the location. Our fleet of dive vessels, experience, combined with specialized cold water diving systems allow year round diving operations.


♦Potable Water Inspections and Repairs
♦Underwater Recovery
♦Side Scan and Down Scan Imagery
♦Bottom Profiling
♦Underwater Research and Development
♦Underwater Inspections
♦Underwater Construction
♦Underwater Cutting
♦Underwater Welding
♦Breakwater Repair and Maintenance
♦Dock installation Removal and Maintenance
♦Confined Space Work