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Draining tanks to inspect and clean, wastes a significant amount of water. Draining costing consumers money. Some communities may also find themselves without water for fighting fire.


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Gregory Potable Storage Tank

Central Divers L.L.C. offers a time-saving and very economical alternative to the old way of inspecting and cleaning water tanks. When working in potable water, commercially certified divers are always equipped with AWWA/TCEQ required equipment, which includes a vulcanized rubber chemical resistant dry suit and diving helmet, surface supplied air, and an audio and video link which allows for full voice communication. All divers are disinfected to AWWA standards with a chlorine solution before entering any potable water. Our company provides all general liability, workman's comp, and vehicle insurance on the job.

Central Divers will perform both interior and exterior inspections to assure that your tank's physical integrity, water quality, and security is in good order. All inspections are performed while your facilities are inPotable Tower service and full of water!